Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jesse Parker Bellamy

Jesse Parker Bellamy was one of Elisha and Nancy’s most prominent children. He was born about 1787 in Tennessee.[1] As a young man, Jesse was working as a farmer when war broke out. The states were at war with Britain again in a conflict that would eventually become known as the War of 1812. Jesse enlisted in a Tennessee regiment at Nashville in December of 1812 and fought in battles off and on for the remainder of the war.
As part of his service, Jesse fought in the battles of Tallushatchee, Talladega, and Pensacola. In each of these battles, Jesse’s unit was part of a larger army under the direction of General Andrew Jackson, the war hero who would later become president of the United States. For all of his fighting in these major battles, the pension application Jesse submitted fifty-five years later did not note that he sustained any significant wounds.[2]
 After his military service, Jesse married Jane Walker on 1 August 1816 in Indiana.[3] Several of his siblings had moved to Indiana by this time so it is likely he lived near them. Jane lived to be about 74. She passed away on 11 January 1864 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa.[4] Four and a half years later, Jesse married Elizabeth Hicks Keenan on 1 July 1869 in Knoxville.[5] They remained in Knoxville until their deaths: Jesse’s on 21 August 1886 and Elizabeth’s on 26 March 1888.[6]

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